Top 10 Animals That Made Millions

David S.-June 21, 2017


2. Pal – $50,000 A Week

Pal - $50,000 A Week

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A list of celebrity animals wouldn’t be complete without the most iconic dog in American pop culture, Lassie. Of course, Lassie wasn’t a real dog; it was a character played by a number of different animal actors throughout the years.

The most famous is probably Pal in movies and the pilot episodes of the TV show. Pal was initially hired as a stunt dog, doubling for the actor who fit the image the producers were looking for.

But they later became so impressed by Pal that they promoted him, allowing him to star in as Lassie until his retirement in 1954. Other dogs would play Lassie during the bulk of the series while Lassie enjoyed retirement.

He could rest easy after making nearly $4,000 a week for many years, which would be over $50,000 in today’s cash.