Top 10 Animals That Made Millions

David S.-June 21, 2017


When you imagine a millionaire, you probably picture an entrepreneur like Bill Gates or a celebrity like Beyoncé. The last image that is likely to come to mind is a housecat.

But in the modern world animals can be just as famous as any human. Animals have earned their human owners big money for years performing tricks and acting.

Just consider the dogs that played Lassie. But thanks to the internet animal fame is more accessible than ever before! Let’s look at some of history’s most famous and wealthy animals.

1. Keyboard Cat – $175,800 A Year

Keyboard Cat - $175,800 A Year

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We might as well start with one of the internet’s pioneering animal figures. Keyboard cat, a tabby by the name of Fatso, actually never lived to see the millions he would later earn.

The cat’s fame stems from a video of the cat playing piano, made by its owner Charlie Schmidt in 1984. The video would languish in obscurity until June of 2007 when the owner uploaded a video called “charlie schmidt’s cool cats.”

The video soon took off, and as of writing the video has over 46 million views on YouTube! Ad revenue on the video and licensing would lead to the musical cat earning its owner up to $175,800 a year.

That’s quite the figure for any cat, let alone one that has been dead since 1987!