The World’s 13 Most Expensive Private Jets

David S.-June 19, 2017


Along with wealth, fame, and fortune comes certain opportunities that most of us don’t have. One such opportunity is the option to buy whatever your mind can imagine, including a private jet.

For many of us, having a private jet at our disposal sounds like a dream come true, but most of us will never have the cash flow to make it happen. We aren’t talking about $200,000 or $300,000 small planes here…we are talking about multi-million dollar jets that rival commercial jets in size and function.

We have done our research and have found the top 13 most expensive private jets in the world, and you will definitely not believe number 1!

13. Gulfstream G550 – $61 Million

Gulfstream G550 - $61 Million

image source: ilovegolfdaily.com

Tiger Woods is worth more than $700 million, so we are definitely not surprised that he jets around the world in a $61 million Gulfstream G550. When you have that much money, what else are you going to spend it on?

This plane seats up to 19 people comfortably, which is perfect for Tiger and his entourage to travel from one golf course to the next. It is reported that Woods has not taken a commercial flight in at least a decade, which means his plane was probably a good investment.