Mind-Blowing Tricks Used During War

The Cat Alarm

13. The Cat Alarm

During thebattle for Britain, British civilians used cats as an alarm against bombings.When the cats sensed German planes proceeding, they would run for shelter, thusalarming the civilians.

Cigarettes With Opium

14. Cigarettes With Opium

During WW1 in 1917, British Army dropped cigarettes for Turkish forces which they got used to. Then, they laced cigarettes with excessive opium and dropped it for Turkish army. Result? Turks were left immobile and the British army took over.

A Wine & Dine Trap

15. A Wine & Dine Trap

During WW2,British captured senior German officials and sent them to a lavish mansion.They were given great food and fine wine. They were also allowed to listen toGerman Radio and read newspapers. It was all a trap and the Britishintelligence officers learned a lot out of their conversations and behavior.

Combiningintelligence with strength can help you win (no matter if it’s daily life orwar). And, these tricks are clear evidence.