Historic Events That Changed Everything

The First Flight

13. The First Flight

In December 1903, Wright brothers flew an air machine for nearly a minute. The news got viral and everything has changed ever since. It laid the foundation a revolutionary means of transportation- the aeroplane, which connects the world despite the miles and oceans in between.

Discovery Of America

14. Discovery Of America

Christopher Columbus in 1492,discovered America, the biggest superpower in the world today. The discoveryled to the cultural and physical advancements of Spanish, Portuguese, English,French and later Dutch.


15. Colonialism

Between 16th and 20th century, colonialism spread across the continents of the world, where Europeans specifically set up colonies in rest of the world dividing and changing it forever in terms of culture, society, language, and economics.

The world that we live in today is a result of history. The aforementioned events played a major role in carving the modern idea of living. These incidents cannot be forgotten and should not be forgotten.