Historic Events That Changed Everything

History gives the best lessons in life. Andwith it, comes along the curiosity of how things would’ve been, had certainevents not taken place. History empowers the readers with a potential to lookat things differently. It teaches, warns and predicts consequences.

With so much to learn, we thought ofreviving 15 such historic events that changed everything, and made the modernworld into what it truly is today!

Birth Of Christianity

1. Birth Of Christianity

The birth of Christianity, a religion that dominates the entire world today, is a historic event that changed everything. The being of devils and angels, hell and heaven, the concept of modern-day dating system, schools and healthcare centers, missionaries etc. are all a contribution of Christianity. Had Christianity not taken birth, the world would have lost a great deal of art, literature, science and other life-altering revolutions that followed.

Medical Revolution

2. Medical Revolution

Medical Revolution has given science and humans, the gift of healthy life. Imagine the world without medicine and medical advancements. Suffrage and plight would take over and the human race, just like animals, would be defenseless against epidemics. Had Medical Revolution not taken place, the human race would still fear diseases like Small Pox that once left humans on the verge of extinction.

Industrial Revolution

3. Industrial Revolution

Imagine a world without technology. Downright scary! You wouldn’t be reading this today, had Industrial Revolution not taken place. Steam Engine, weaving machine and factories, are all a contribution towards bringing the modern-day technology to where it is today.

The Renaissance

4. The Renaissance

Renaissance marked the cultural rebirth of Europe. By defying the orthodox approach of the Roman Catholic Church, it gave rise to inventions that changed the European world forever. From immortal paintings, the World map and great figures to numerous books for educating the masses, Renaissance shaped the ethnic values of Europe and transformed it into an architecturally and culturally rich continent.

The Black Death

5. The Black Death

The ‘Black Death’ or black plaguespread across Europe & Asia, killing about 30% to 60% of the totalpopulation (somewhere around 75 to 200 million people). The population did notretain for a complete century and the absolute authority of the Catholic Churchwas challenged due to their inefficiency of dealing with the epidemic.

American Revolution

6. American Revolution

American Revolution gave birth tothe idea of equalism. It was a fight against authority and American independenceset examples for other colonies under British monarchy to revolt for theirfreedom.

Nazi Invasion Of Poland

7. Nazi Invasion Of Poland

When under Hitler, Germany invadedPoland, the annexation triggered UK and France to declare war against Germany,followed by WW2. This event is somehow responsible for initiating the Cold Warand Arms race too. However, it also led to the formation of United Nations,vital for world peace.

The Birth Of Islam

8. The Birth Of Islam

Islam is an influential religion that is beyond terror and patriarchy. Its birth led to the discovery of many wonderful things like pinhole camera, Mariner’s compass, numerals etc., the beautiful Urdu literature and the majestic Islamic architecture.

World Trade Attacks

9. World Trade Attacks

Four hijacked planes crashed intothe World Trade Centre, causing enormous destruction in New York. The incidencespread hatred for Muslims in the entire country, which is evident till date.Invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq war followed and immediate financial losses thatchanged the functioning of the world economy for nearly 6 days occurred.

Bombing Of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

10. Bombing Of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima andNagasaki will forever haunt the human race about the adverse effects of the useof nuclear weapons. Had this incident not taken place, every country in thisworld wouldn’t be gearing itself up with nuclear weapons to combat such anordeal and this world would be a better, more peaceful place.

Fatal Anti-MMR Study

11. Fatal Anti-MMR Study

Andrew Wakefield’s fake Anti-MMR study that said vaccines cause Autism in children is one of the biggest lies in the world that has caused numerous deaths till date. The rumor spread so much that it got celebrity support and people who oppose it are identified as ‘Blinded’ by the believers.

Civilian Tragedy Of UK

12. Civilian Tragedy Of UK

In 1940, Germany started droppingexplosives (more than 100 tonnes) on 16 British cities, London being attacked71 times causing excessive destruction to life and property. It was a part oftheir Blitzkrieg Campaign that lasted for almost 37 weeks. It’s considered tobe the worst civilian tragedy of UK.

The First Flight

13. The First Flight

In December 1903, Wright brothers flew an air machine for nearly a minute. The news got viral and everything has changed ever since. It laid the foundation a revolutionary means of transportation- the aeroplane, which connects the world despite the miles and oceans in between.

Discovery Of America

14. Discovery Of America

Christopher Columbus in 1492,discovered America, the biggest superpower in the world today. The discoveryled to the cultural and physical advancements of Spanish, Portuguese, English,French and later Dutch.


15. Colonialism

Between 16th and 20th century, colonialism spread across the continents of the world, where Europeans specifically set up colonies in rest of the world dividing and changing it forever in terms of culture, society, language, and economics.

The world that we live in today is a result of history. The aforementioned events played a major role in carving the modern idea of living. These incidents cannot be forgotten and should not be forgotten.