Amazing Photos From Australia’s Wild Life

Massive crocodiles like to surf too

12. Massive crocodiles like to surf too

Oh, you know who else likes to surf? Crocodiles, apparently. While they’re not out there catching the bigger waves like the sharks are, they’re still surfing those waves.

Most Australian surfers are probably smart enough to give a crocodile their space too when they want to enjoy a nice wave. While snakes are a huge problem, surfing predators are also something that anyone should be looking out for during a day at the beach.

Crocodiles love sneaking in

13. Crocodiles love sneaking in

Crocodiles aren’t just found in the open water when you’re out surfing. That seems like a logical place to expect a crocodile to wash up. But, if you’re not careful, crocodiles can even end up where they’re not supposed to be.

Namely: in a swimming enclosure. Australians have to deal with crocodiles in their oceans, surfing their waves, and now in their swimming enclosures - the one logical place that you would expect a crocodile not to be.

Crocodiles swim in creeks

14. Crocodiles swim in creeks

The world’s favorite Australian that we all lost too soon, Steve Irwin, knows all about crocodiles. His daughter knows all about them, too. That’s how the rest of the world knows that in Australia, not even your fresh water is safe from potential crocodile encounters.

Yes, there are even crocodiles in the creeks. As if Australians didn’t have enough to worry about with the snakes on their planes and in their toilets.

Crocodiles also swim in the street

15. Crocodiles also swim in the street

You know where else crocodiles apparently just hang out? The streets. The middle of the dang street. Did you think you were safe walking down your street, or driving to work? Think again!

If there’s some rain and a flood, you better believe that there’s definitely a crocodile lurking, waiting to show up and surprise you when you least expect it. How do Australians live with the ever present knowledge of a crocodile at every turn?