30 Famous Celebs That Lost Weight And Now Look Very Healthy

David S.-April 1, 2018


Celebrities are always in the limelight, which means that society always knows what they’re up to. This usually means that celebrities who gain or lose weight become the talk of the tabloids and magazines.

Many celebrities became famous when they were overweight, while others become famous and gain weight for some reason or another. After time, though, they decided to make a lifestyle choice that was for the better. Celebrities become role models for the rest of us, whether they mean to or not.

That means that those who chose to eat healthy and exercise will be showing the rest of us how possible losing weight and getting healthy is. Here are 30 of the most famous celebrities that lost weight and are now showing off their healthier, slimmer forms

1. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

image source: wikimedia.org

Comedy actor Jonah Hill gave us a lot of laughs while he was bigger – and he’s still delivering them now that he’s lost weight. According to Hill, he followed a nutritionists advice to lose the weight, which meant changing his entire diet around.

By eating healthier and cutting some bad food habits, Jonah Hill has made an amazing weight loss transformation. Hopefully, he’s inspiring more people to do the same.