Secret Hot Springs You Must See In The US

We've collected the most breathtaking hot springs in the US.

Here is the full list:

Mount Baker Hot Springs, WA

1. Mount Baker Hot Springs, WA

A primitive, single sulphur pool spring, located in MountBaker national forest, Washington. The access trail is easy to walk and thelength is 0.6 miles (250 steps) away from the parking lot. Quiet and notcrowded most of the time. Beautiful surroundings all around the spring andamazing views throughout the nearby hiking trails. All trails around the springhave wild berries bushes growing to just pick and enjoy the fresh taste ofnature. The best time to visit is may 15th to September 15th. It is possible toget to the springs all year round; depending on the access road condition andthe type of vehicle you are driving. If you attempting to go after a hardwinter you should evaluate the road’s condition that leads into the parking lotand I a case you find it insurmountable go back and don’t try to continue. Thecellular reception is very low and the trail is isolated. Directions: drive on Baker Lake road. Take anorth turn to NFD 1130 (National Forest Drive 1130). On the first fork (Y) turnright and on second fork (Y) make another right and drive until you reach theprimitive parking lot. Be sure to go up from parking area and not down. Hint:look for an old big rock in the parking area with the writing "hotsprings" that will tell you the right direction to the spring. Overnightparking and camping is possible all around the area.

Olympic Hot Springs, WA

2. Olympic Hot Springs, WA

A primitive, single pool spring, located in Olympic nationalpark, Washington. Breathtaking scenery all around the trail and amazing viewsduring the hike to the spring. The spring is hot and clean and it is a greatfeeling to seat inside of the hot water and relaxes your muscles after thehike. Access hiking trail difficulty is easy to moderate depending on the lastwinter and snowfalls and the trail’s length is changed from year to yearaccording to the ranger’s decision of safety and transferability. The accessroad (which may be open or closed) can change the length of the hike anywherebetween 2.5 to 8 miles round trip. A good tip is to contact one of the park’sranger stations in order to get a clear picture of the trail’s condition andhiking distance. If you plan to camp bring a tent, warm winter clothing and abear container (you can loan one from the ranger station). Best time to visitstarts at May 15th to September 15th. Hiking the trailwill allow you to see the beautiful forest and many wild lives such as mooseand deer. Directions: From Port Angeles drive west and later southon US 101 for 9 miles to Olympic Hot Springs Road. Turn left and follow thecurved road south into Olympic National Park for 10 miles. At the end of thisroad you will find a parking area and some picnic tables. (Camping isprohibited) This is the Boulder Creektrail head that will take you all the way to the spring. Camping is possible atboulder creek campground which is only 0.3 mile from the spring.

Bagby Hot Springs, OR

3. Bagby Hot Springs, OR

Multiple man-made wooden pools located in Mt. Hood nationalforest (40 miles southeast of Estacada, Oregon). The trail is accessible allyear round (except for heavy snow storms).The hike up the hill is easy and is1.3 mile long. This is one of the most beautiful hot springs in North America.The springs area contain several big dipping pools that can hold 4-5 peopleeach. The smaller cabins provide a romantic and intimate dipping baths for acouple of people each. For those who will look for the source and walk theextra mile to find it there will be a surprise of the biggest wooden pool thatcan contain 6-8 people. the water are very hot (138F/59C) and the volunteersthat re-built the pools have created a chain of wooden pipes to deliver coldriver water to the pools area, use a bucket to find the perfect temperature foryou. Directions: from Estacada take HWY224 heading south-east for 26 miles. This road will turn into national forestroad, NF-46, continue following it for 4 more miles passed Ripplebrook rangerstation. Turn right to NF-63 and drive for 4 miles to Bagby road (70 junction)continue driving for 6 miles and look for the parking lot and the trailhead ofyour left side (south). Park your car and follow the trail to paradise.

Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs, OR

4. Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs, OR

A set of stone man-made pools on the mountain slope of theWillamette national forest. Open year round(some Thursdays closed forcleaning). The hike is easy and is about a quarter mile long. Natural mineralwater flows out of the source (116F/47C) and feeding the upper and hottestpool. As you go down with the flow the temperature drops a few degrees andbecome cooler at the bottom pools. Right next to the pools is a cold creek forthe hot days and for refreshment. This spring is controlled by the US forestservice and is for day use only. The trail is being watched by a ranger and afew dollars fee is collected (cash only). parking space is limited andovernight parking is prohibited. The best time to visit is during the weekdaysand early mornings. Clothing is optional and most people soak nude. Directions:from Eugene/Springfield, OR take road 126 heading east for 52 miles. Turn rightonto Cougar Dam Rd/NF-19 and Turn right onto Aufderheide Dr. when you reach theT intersection turn right but stop and enjoy and view of the Cougar Reservoir,continue driving the curved road until you pass the bridge and park at theparking lot off to your left (East). Come back walking the same way you drovein and walk for 500 feet till you see the Cougar Hot Springs Trail to your left(West).

Umpqua Hot Springs, OR

5. Umpqua Hot Springs, OR

One of North America’s most unique natural water sources.First discovered and used by Native American tribes many years ago. Series ofhot mineral water pools connected by pipes, build on a mountain slope of Umpquanational forest. Hot water comes out ofthe ground (115F/46C) and feed several beautiful pools, water finally reach thecold Umpqua River flowing on the bottom. The pools are hot at the top andgetting cooler as you go downhill. Location is open all year long, hike in iseasy-moderate, some parts of the hike are steep but in total the hike is short,0.3 miles long. Parking fee of five dollars is required or a Northwest parkspass. Directions: from Roseburg, OR. Take road 138 heading east for 60 miles.Turn left (North) to NF-34 (Toketee Rigdon Road) and drive 2.4 miles. Turnright onto NF-3401 and drive 2.1 miles. Look for the parking lot on your lefthand side. After parking, cross the bridge and immediately turn right .Aftercrossing and turning right keep climbing up the hill for 0.2 miles. The uphillhike is a bit hard but definitely worth the effort.

Snively Hot Springs, OR

6. Snively Hot Springs, OR

A primitive hot spring located on the edge of Owyhee River,on the Far East side of Oregon’s desert. This is a quiet and isolated hotspring with a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy nature at its best. The hotwater source flows out of the ground at a very high temperature (150F/65C)close to the river edge and fills up a rock pool that mixes cold river waterand hot source water into a grate soaking experience. Some soakers will use thehot water source to boil some eggs in a plastic bag for breakfast or lunch.Visitors reported seeing mountain lions around the spring and some snakes aswell. On the other side of the river you can recognize stone pilings, that is alocation of another hot source and a second hot pool. be careful as you crossthe river to the other side, the current might be stronger than it seems to be.Directions: from the grocery store in the town of Owyhee drive on OR 201heading south for 2.2 miles. Turn right (West) onto overstreet Rd. and drive5.3 miles to the T cross section. Turn left (south) to Owyhee Lake Rd. anddrive 3.3 miles. The parking lot (and restroom) are at your left. you couldspot the pool as you leave the parking area towards the river.

Hunt and Kosk creek Hot Springs CA

7. Hunt and Kosk creek Hot Springs CA

Northern California has many nature attractions worthvisiting. one mile away of a small town by the name Big Band you can find threeman-made pools that are feeded by a very hot water source (170F/77C). the poolswill provide you a relaxing soak and the opportunity to take a pause from thedaily rush and go back and reunite with mother nature. the pools are located ona river edge and it is easy to set your mind off as this beautiful view andwater flow sound is surrounding you. This charming corner of the pit River hasbeen used for hundreds of years by the Native American tribes and today isstill considered a place of spiritual elevation. In case that the three poolsare occupied or if you are looking for a more isolated environment, the KoseCreek pool is only minutes away. Directions: from Big Band, CA. drive south onsummit Lake Rd. / Big Bend Rd. and cross the bridge at the center of this smalltown. Turn right (West) to Hot Springs Rd. Park your vehicle at the dead endand look for a well used trail to the northwest, this trail will lead you tothe river edge and to the magical pools. To get to Kosk creek pool just walkdownstream from Hunt for ten minutes. Although all of the pools and the parkingarea are on private property they are open to the public. Be sure to respectthe owners by keeping this special place clean and pack out whatever it is youpacked in.

Buckeye Hot Springs, CA

8. Buckeye Hot Springs, CA

A natural mineral water source flowing out of the top of a huge rock with apastoral environment by the river. this is an all nature made hot spring thatwas slightly developed by local volunteers. The rock shape gives the water achance to cool down to a soaking temperature. Source temperature is fairly high(135F/57C) and the pools temperature at the bottom can be regulated by allowingcold river water to flow into the pools. in addition to the pools by the riverthere is one more warm water pool located at the lone tree as you look up thehill from the lower pools. Directions: drive on California 395 to the town ofBridgeport, at the center of town, turn south to twin Lakes Rd. and follow thisroad for 7.2 miles as it curves south and west a few times. Turn right ontoBuckeye and drive for 2.8 miles. pass the one lane bridge and pass the parkingspots off to your right. Turn right (North-East) onto Buckeye Rd. and drive 0.4miles. look for a flat parking area with a big tree to your right. Just 50 feetdownhill and slightly to your right is the location of the first pool (lonetree). You can recognize the steam fog created by the hot water flow as youlook down to the river. From the parking area direct to the lower pools, usethe path starting at the south-east corner of the parking area to go down thesteep trail leading down to the huge rock and to the pools. Tip: if you aregoing at dark or thinking about a night soak, bring some candles with you anduse the inner part of the rock to light them. early morning and sunset timesprovide a chance to see some deer.

Travertine Hot Springs, CA

9. Travertine Hot Springs, CA

A set of well maintained man made carved rock hot water pools located in aperfect scenery. Easy access road and a very short walking distance will getyou all the way to the pools. Suitable for all ages and open all year round. Thislocation offers a minimum of five pools mostly peaceful and not crowded. Thisis the best way to introduce younger generation the concept of natural hotsprings and allows the elderly that can't walk long distances a chance to soakand release the muscles. take your time to walk around nature and enjoy thebeautiful views of the Sierra-nevada. The travertine water colors the edge ofthe rocks with a rainbow of colors. Those of you that are impressed byprimitive architecture will find great joy by exploring the gentle rock carvingthat is used to deliver the water from the source to the different pools.Directions: from Bridgeport, CA. drive on California 395 heading east, as soonas the road turns south and merge with CA 182 set your odometer and count 0.3miles. Turn left (West) onto the road between the two quarries and drive 0.2miles. Slight left and than a slight right, keep this road for 1.1 miles untilyou reach the parking lot. the pools are easy to recognize as you follow thetrail.

Remington Hot Springs, CA

10. Remington Hot Springs, CA

Remoted set of four cement and rock pools located on theKern river edge, made with love of the builders and the talent of an artisticsoul. The pools are designed so that the smallest one is the most hot. All thepools are drainable but be extra careful as you unplug the drain taps to notlose them. One of the old builders is still coming for a soak very often but hewill not tell you that. try to recognize him, clue: he will always sit close tothe river in the biggest pool and will drink a can of beer, if you get thechance, listen to his life stories, it is incredible. Directions: start atBodfish US post office and head west on Kern River Canyon Rd. for 5.3 miles. Turn right onto thesecond parking area which has two telephone poles. After parking head downhill(North-East) on one of the four trails leading down, (all roads lead to rome).please pack out whatever it is you brought down with you and leave a cleanspring for the next visitors.

Big Caliente Hot Springs, CA

11. Big Caliente Hot Springs, CA

A well build large cement and rock pool located at the topof a very steep road with a rare chance to see the Santa Barbara area from anelevation of 1,500 feet. This location is open all year long (except duringheavy precipitation and fires) and is suitable for all ages as the access roadis leading the visitors just a few feet of walking distance from a unique soak.As you drive up the hill make sure to stop along the way and enjoy thisbreathtaking view. This spring is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner, nightsoak and star gazing. Changing rooms, restrooms, benches, and a picnic tableguarantee a pleasant visitor experience. Directions: From the town of Cielito(North Santa Barbara) follow Gibraltar Rd. heading north for approximately 6.5miles. Turn right (East) onE Camino Cielo for 8.miles, Camino Cielo turns and becomes Romero Camuesa Rd (paved road to gravel road). After 1.3 milesmake a slight rightto stay on Romero Camuesa Rd. Drive 4.2 miles and turn left onto Camuesa Rd. Drive 3.1 milesand Turn right onto Forest Rte 5N16. Follow Forest Rte 5N16 for 2.6miles and the spring is on your right hand side (right next to the brickwall).

Highline Hot Springs, CA

12. Highline Hot Springs, CA

Two cement pools located right off a busy highway. Thischarming spot only little know about, offers a convenient access to a very hotwater pool, not to far from the mexican border. some locales claim that thesewetar have healing powers and anti-ageing capabilities. Next to the spring youcan find a clean restrooms and plenty of free camping spots. The location ofthis spring falls right on the border between California’s desert to it’s greenflourishing fields, this beautiful scenery grants this spring it’s special wildenvironment. Directions: from the East border line of Holtville, CA takehighway 80 heading East (Evan Hewes Hwy / road 115) for 5.5 miles. just beforethis road crosses interstate 8 turn left to stay on Evan Hewes Hwy. Follow thisroad for 1 mile (parallel to interstate 8) and cross the water canal. Drive for0.1 miles and look for the parking area and restrooms to your right hand side.The pool is just a few steps ahead.

Five Palms Well Oasis, CA

13. Five Palms Well Oasis, CA

A true oasis in the heart of the sand dunes wilderness ofAlgodones, located South-East of Salton sea. Five Palms looks like a sceneright out of a Hollywood movie, freshwater pool laying in the shade of tallpalm trees with a surrounding of a desert and sand dunes. The American armyused to train forces in this area in order to simulate a combat in desertconditions. The general first commended this training scenario ordered the armydo dig a drinking water well for his soldiers. Ten years later this well becamea gorgeous spot to catch some shade and take a break from the desert heat.Directions: from Brawley, take state road 78 (Ben Hulse Hwy) heading east forabout 14 miles. Cross the water canal and keep following the same road. takethe second dirt road (0.5 miles passed the canal) and turn right. Drive for 1.6miles and look for green spot off to your right.

Virgin valley warm springs, NV

14. Virgin valley warm springs, NV

A single large pool located on the Northern Nevada desert(adjacent to the oregon border) in a quiet and isolated area. This area issurrounded with beautiful cliffs and breathtaking hiking areas with desertviews at their best. Around the pool you can find shaded spots to rest andrelax. A wide open flat ground for overnight camping is also available. Thisplace is well maintained and kept very clean, please keep it like the nextvisitors. Easy access provides all ages a fair chance to enjoy this naturediamond and the relatively short distance from the road assures a year roundpassage. Directions: from Denio Junction, Nevada take road 140 heading West for25.1 miles. Turn left onto a gravel road and drive for 1.2 miles, on the fork(Y) turn right and continue for 1.2 miles. At the T intersection make a slightleft and than an immediate right drive straight into the green trees and findthe treasure.

Devil’s Faucet Hot Springs NV

15. Devil’s Faucet Hot Springs NV

Magical, all-natural pool slightly developed with an easyroad access. located in the high desert of Nevada open to the public yearround. This pool is located right next to a road but is undetectable and easyto miss. If you are driving or traveling in this area, do yourself a favor andstop to enjoy a hot and relaxing soak. The hot water source comes out of thebottom sandy pool floor at a perfect temperature (100F/38C). The miracle offinding a pool like this in the desert can not be defined other than god’sgift. Please keep this place clean and trash free for the next soakers toenjoy. Directions: from Denio Junction,Nevada take road 140 heading West for 10 miles. Turn left (South) onto KnottCreek Rd and drive 7.7 miles. At the fork (Y) stay to the left and drive for1.7 more miles, look for a gravel road leading to a green spot to your right.Park and enjoy the soak.

Spencer Hot springs, NV

16. Spencer Hot springs, NV

A beautiful set of man made pools in the heart of Nevada’sdesert offering a break from the desert heat and a refreshing change from theusual scenery. It is obvious that the volunteers who built these pools did it,out of their great love for Nevada’s scenic view. There are fewer, if any, morerelaxing things than to sit in hot natural spring surrounded by nature's magicof Brown, Green and Blue. The pools temperature can be adjusted by controllingthe incoming water flow. All around the pools there is plenty of room forcamping and leveled ground for overnight parking. All three pools are in a 1mile diameter from one another, find the one that suits you best. Directions:from Austin, Nevada take Lincoln Hwy (road 50) heading East for approximately11 miles. Turn right onto road 376 and head South for 0.4 miles. Turn left ontoNF-001 for 5.5 miles. Make a 90 degree turn to the left and stay on the darkergravel road for 1.5 miles (heading South-East) the first pool is at thegreenery spot 300 feet to your left, a metal barrel with a fire pit next to it.GPS coordinates; N 39°19'37" W116°51'30". Second pool is located less than 500 East on GPScoordinates; N 39°19'37" W116°51'20". Third pool is located 500 feet North of the secondpool GPS coordinates; N 39°19'50" W116°51'17".

Fish lake Valley Hot Well, NV

17. Fish lake Valley Hot Well, NV

A single, well developed cement pool and a large naturalpool right next to it located in the most deserted part of Nevada’s desert, nottoo far from the California border. This springs specialness endowed to it’sbarren location. Peace and quiet are guaranteed thanks to the dullnesssurrounding and ghost towns around. The access to this location is fairly closeto the road and can be accessed by all ages and is suitable to handicap withassistance. around the spring you will be able to find wide flat ground forcamping and overnight parking. The best time to visit is winter time when youwill be able to enjoy view of snowing mountains is the distance while you soakin hot natural water. Directions: from Hawthorne, Nevada take road 95 headingEast for 63.2 miles. At the intersection with road 6, turn right onto road 6and continue until reaching 773 intersection (6.2 miles). Turn left (South)onto 773 road for 2.4 miles, look for a left turn into a gravel road and followit for 0.7, at the T intersection turn right (miles Emigrant Pass Rd) andfollow that dirt road for 8.8 miles, the spring access road is off to yourright hand side follow it and you shall reach the pool.

Rogers Warm Springs, NV

18. Rogers Warm Springs, NV

A well developed spring in the scenery environment of valleyof fire. this area on the South-East side of Nevada has been world known forit’s unique landscape. The very large pool is located on the North-West side ofLake Mead. The way to the spring if filled with beautiful hills and specialcurved red rocks. Take the time to enjoy and to take pictures as this amazingview is unfindable anywhere else in the world. This spring access in a Day useonly area and overnight parking is prohibited. This location is all agessuitable and perfect for a family trip. Around the parking lot there are cleanrestrooms and shaded picnic tables for a wonderful family lunch. Directions:from the city of Las Vegas take interstate 15 North-East to exit 75. Drive on Valleyof Fire Hwy for 23.4 miles heading East, at The T intersection Turnright on Nevada state road 167 (North shore Rd. toward Overton Beach/HooverDam) From the T, drive 6.0 miles and turn right to Rogers Springs.

Ringbolt Hot Springs, AZ

19. Ringbolt Hot Springs, AZ

All natural hot springs found in a creek spilled into theColorado river (Arizona-Nevada border). This unique place, located South of theHoover dam is an amazing phenomenon of hot water source coming out of theground in a flow of cold water. the soaking locations have been edged withsandbags to allow slower mix of the different temperatures. This unique placecombines a beautiful hike, an excellent workout (some of the transitionsrequires climbing or descending a ladder) and a relaxing soak. Not recommendedin hot days dew to excessive strenuous, because of the moderate encumbrance ofthe trail plan a 2 hours walking time (one-way) from parking to spring.Directions: from The Hoover Dam, Nevada-Arizona border, take road 93 headingSouth-East for 3.5 miles and look for a dirt road off to your right. Turn rightand follow the road to the last fordable point (depending on road condition).continue on this marked trail heading South-West until reaching the hot watersource.

Verde Hot Springs, AZ

20. Verde Hot Springs, AZ

A set of historic, artistic hot pools covered withwall-painting-art located on the West bank of the Cape Verde River, South-Eastof the town of Cape Verde, Arizona. This historic location requires a rivercrossing (knee or waist height at low water level season) , subjected to highwater level season and road condition after tough winters, The smartest thingto do is to check the latest information regarding the road and river levelwith the ranger station. The hike is definitely worth it as this place is arecharging point with a wonderful peaceful energy. Directions: from Camp Verdetake road 260 heading South-East for approximately 7.5 miles. Turn right onto Fossil Creek Rd. (towardFossil creek/Verde River) and drive 13.8 miles. Make a sharp right turnonto Child's Power Rd and drive 3.7miles. At the next road spilt make a Turn right to stay on Child's Power Rd.and drive for 3.4 miles. look for palm trees across the river and a stone wallalong the river bank. If river level is high it might be a good idea to cross tothe small “island” and walk on it further North, then cross again toward thesprings.