15 Historic Events That Changed Everything

David S.-August 9, 2017


History gives the best lessons in life. Andwith it, comes along the curiosity of how things would’ve been, had certainevents not taken place. History empowers the readers with a potential to lookat things differently. It teaches, warns and predicts consequences.

With so much to learn, we thought ofreviving 15 such historic events that changed everything, and made the modernworld into what it truly is today!

1. Birth Of Christianity

Birth Of Christianity

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The birth of Christianity, a religion that dominates the entire world today, is a historic event that changed everything. The being of devils and angels, hell and heaven, the concept of modern-day dating system, schools and healthcare centers, missionaries etc. are all a contribution of Christianity. Had Christianity not taken birth, the world would have lost a great deal of art, literature, science and other life-altering revolutions that followed.