14 Hidden Gems In Toronto You Probably Didn’t Know About

David S.-June 27, 2017


Toronto is one of the coolest and most eclectic cities on the globe, and even if you have explored the city a few times, there are likely some hidden gems that you never even knew existed.

We love Toronto, too, and we were so excited to learn about some of these amazing places in Hogtown that were a total surprise! We can’t wait to tell you about these places, especially number 7, so sit back, relax, and take a look at these 14 hidden gems in Toronto that you probably didn’t know about.

1. The Tchotchke House

The Tchotchke House

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Located at 37 Bermont Ave, the Tchotchke House is also known as the “Crazy Doll House,” and once you see it, you will definitely see why. This house isn’t on the typical Toronto tour, but those who like to head off the beaten path should definitely stop.

This is just a typical house on a typical street, but instead of the normal landscaping you might expect, the home’s owner, Shirley Sumaiser, has instead decorated her yard with plushies and toys.