Things Your Dog Does When It’s Home Alone

David S.-June 19, 2017


If you have a dog, you probably have to leave him or her home alone sometimes. Though some people leave their dogs in a crate, cage, or kennel, many people leave their dogs out and able to roam free.

Have you ever thought about what your dog does when you leave the house? We wondered too, so we set out to find out. The answers, of course, were surprising…especially number 25!

Here are 31 things that your dog does when it’s home alone.

1. Lie There And Wait For Your Arrival

Lie There And Wait For Your Arrival

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Many pet owners think that their dogs must be incredibly bored when they leave them alone. Surely your dog is laying there and pining for your return, right? Well, not all the time, which you will see as you make your way through this list.

Though your dog likely won’t wait around for you to return, he or she surely will lie around for awhile. They might even lay by the door and wait for you for a bit. Though this might sound sad, the dog knows that you will come back eventually, and it knows that there is plenty to do while you are gone.