11 Most Expensive Restaurant Dishes in the World

David S.-June 19, 2017


We knew a dessert would taste like a million dollars, but we didn’t realize they could actually cost that much! These 10 famous dishes are served around the world and are well known for being over indulgent, in both flavor and finance. Which one is the most worth the spend to you?

1. $100 DougieDog – New York City, New York

$100 DougieDog - New York City, New York

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Say hello to high end meat with this $100 hot dog. It’s safe to say this foot long bratwurst is unlike any other, both in price and composition. What sets this weiner apart from the rest is that it is marinated and infused with one hundred year old Louis XIII cognac, splattered with fresh lobster, picante sauce and seared Kobe beef. The restaurant requires at least 12 hours to prepare this dish, and it’s recommended for anyone in love with luxury and new kinds of delicious dog.