10 Of The Most Expensive Airbnb Accommodations For Rent

David S.-June 28, 2017


Airbnb is well-known as the site to check out if you’re looking for affordable accommodation, but if you think they only offer cheap and cheaply homes for rent, then you’d be wrong.
Actually, some of the properties currently listed there are so costly that you’d need the wallet of Beyonce or Jennifer Aniston to stay there.
Still, there’s no harm in dreaming, so let’s take a look at 10 of the most luxurious and expensive properties that Airbnb currently offer.
Which one would you choose?

#10 Capri, Italy – $1,100/night

Capri, Italy - $1,100/night

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Capri – a glittering jewel in Italy’s island, full of sand beaches, winding streets and even a grotto. No wonders it’s a top destination.

If you’re looking for elegance and simplicity, then book into Villa Le Colonne on the island of Capri. With four bedrooms, amenities include a beautiful pool, a gazebo and a recreation room with a fabulous view of the Bay of Naples.
Barbecue outside and try out your chef’s skills using their pizza oven, before drinking a grappa under the stars in this romantic setting.

Italian charm isn’t cheap though – it’s $1,100 per night.