List Of The Deadliest Snakes On The Planet

David S.-June 19, 2017


There is a reason that most people have a natural fear of snakes. Most snakes are very quiet and you might not even know they are around until it’s too late. Many of the deadliest snakes in the world also have extremely powerful venom that can kill quickly.

We’ve gathered a list of 30 of the deadliest snakes. If you find yourself near one of these you would be wise to stay as far away as possible.

1. Eastern Green Mamba

Eastern Green Mamba

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Colored much more brightly than is western cousin, the Eastern Green Mamba is highly venomous, and also contains enough venom in a single bite to be fatal to several adult humans over the course of just a few hours.

This particular mamba’s bite will act swiftly on the nerves, muscles and heart, and will begin to spread rapidly through the affected tissues. Not only will a bite from the Eastern Green Mamba cause difficulty breathing and swallowing, it will also cause respiratory paralysis if left untreated a for long enough period of time.