15 Most Expensive Things In The World

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#14 Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar – $1,150 Each

Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar - $1,150 Each

image source: list25.com

No one is able to walk away from a good cigar. Everyone wants to at least try one puff of a good cigar, even if they don’t smoke them.

Well, we could get ourselves a couple of Honduran Gurkha Black Dragon cigars that come in a badass box. The chests were made back in 2006 and are made out of camel bone and look amazing.

They even get delivered right to your door. The problem? There were only five boxes ever made and the cigars runs $1,150 a piece.

We could be a high-falutin couple with our fancy cigars out on our high-priced balcony in our fancy hotel room in Geneva. We could even take some selfies while we’re there!

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