15 Most Expensive Things In The World

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The constant ups and downs of the Powerball jackpot have us wondering, what exactly would we do with all that money. For most people, our goals are simple.

Pay off bills, get a new truck or house, buy that one thing that has been out of our reach for too long. The list goes on and on but doesn’t have anything crazy on it.

For other people though, they want to buy big, extravagant stuff right off the bat! That’s the type of person who always loses their fortune in a year’s time.

Here is a list of things that people have actually bought with money making them the most expensive things in the world!


#14 Le Burger Extravagant – $295

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Le Burger Extravagant - $295

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Serendipity 3 in New York sells willing customers, a $295 cheeseburger called Le Burger Extravagant which is held together with a solid gold diamond-encrusted toothpick.

Heck, for that price we’d better be able to take that toothpick home! Food though, is something we could get behind. If we get that winning ticket, we’re going for a burger splurge.

If we’re gonna blow a lot of cash all at once, it should be on drinks or food. At least we’d enjoy those better than that expensive chess set that we couldn’t touch. Plus, we’d feel like royalty picking our teeth with a diamond encrusted gold toothpick.

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