15 Facts About America That Doesn’t Make Sense

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America is a superpower, well-known to everyone else on the planet. It dominates culture to the point that even people who aren’t from America are aware of some of the frankly crazy things that come out of this country.

However, if you’ve grown up in America, you’re probably used to some of the wild and crazy things that go on here that make absolutely no sense to anyone outside of this country.

Heck, even if you grew up here, there may be some things about America that give you pause and make you scratch your head trying to figure it out! While America may be a global superpower, that doesn’t mean that it always has to make sense.

1. Beastality Is Still Legal

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Beastality Is Still Legal

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Yes, you read that correctly. There are still 9 states in the US that do not have beastality laws. That is an alarming n number of states that legally allow sexual intercourse with animals.

If you’re burning with curiosity, those nine states happen to be Nevada, New Mexico, Hawaii, Kentucky, Ohio, Vermont, West Virginia, Texas and Wyoming. In some other states, sex with an animal is only considered a misdemeanor.

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