Dogs Breeds With Highest IQ

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Many dog trainers are reporting that, in recent years in the their work, the number of intelligent dogs they’re coming across has been on the increase.

So what makes a dog smart? That he can learn to obey commands quickly? Has great instincts? Has the ability to carry out complicated tasks? Some people say that having a smart dog is like having a smart kid – he’s always into something and gets bored easily!

In any event, here’s our list of 54 dogs we think would score straight A’s in school….

1. Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever

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Adaptable to all kinds of lifestyles, this lovely dog’s expression tells you everything you need to know – He is kind, trustworthy, cheerful, and forgiving. The Golden Retriever is also very smart

First bred in Scotland, between a lone yellow pup retriever and a local water spaniel, he’s fantastic at retrieving and agility tests and is used a great deal as a service dog. Steady-tempered and always responsible, you’ll never tired of being around him.

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