14 Of The Most Expensive Items Ever Sold On eBay

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Since the day eBay was born, it’s been a big hit, and no surprise – not only can you grab a bargain from the comfort of your own sofa, you can also make money out of selling your own belongings.

But eBay’s not just a website for the masses – millionaires browse it too. Check out our list of 15 ridiculously expensive items sold online over the years…

#15 Original 1954 Mickey Mouse Lunchbox – $1,326.77

Original 1954 Mickey Mouse Lunchbox - $1,326.77

image source: ebayimg.com

This original Mickey Mouse lunchbox and thermos flask sold for a whopping $1,326.77 in April 2014. It’s an extremely rare ‘original’ lunchbox with matching thermos pair features Mickey Mouse on the front and Donald Duck on the back. Now whilst this is not as costly as the other items on this list, we liked it and, for a lunch box, it’s definitely not cheap…!

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