All The Ways You Unknowingly Break Your Cat’s Spirit

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2. Not Giving Them Fresh Water

Not Giving Them Fresh Water

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Cats are a thirsty bunch. If you have a tiny tiger in your care, it deserves clean and fresh water on the regular. If you’re not refilling your cat’s water bowl, you could be depriving it of a basic need and making it dehydrated.

This could lead to lack of energy, and a decrease in its health functions. Imagine leaving a glass of water out for a few days and how much dust, hair and dirt drift into this glass – give your cat the small luxury of clean water, just like you have!

Everything you do when it comes to your cat’s water intake will have an almost direct effect on their health as well. No water inside of a water bowl should be older than a day. If possible, you should be replacing it twice a day so that you can ensure that your cat is constantly in the presence of fresh water.

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