All The Ways You Unknowingly Break Your Cat’s Spirit

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Are you doing anything to kill your cat’s spirit?

Even though cats are well known for being strong, independent mammal, they are sensitive and full of feelings, and whatever you’re doing just might be killing their little kitty spirit.

Cats may be very independent on their own, but that doesn’t mean that they are not as needy as any other pet would be. Remember, you are the only family that your cat has, and regardless of how independent it may seem, your cat absolutely hates being alone.

But don’t worry, if you are doing these things unknowingly, it will now become very easy to stop doing them and to provide a much better life for your kitty!

If you’re doing any of these 22 things, you are likely harming your cat’s health.

1. Leaving The Lights Off

Leaving The Lights Off

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Cats can see in the dark, but it doesn’t mean they like it. As nighttime falls and your cat is home alone, the darkness may affect their spirit more than you realize.

Keeping a light turned on may offer your cat just the ray of light they need, and the certainty that you will be coming home soon. Cats really don’t like being left entirely alone, especially when they know that there should be a human in the house on a daily basis. Cats are well-known for being very emotional and for developing a sense of abandonment when they don’t see their owners for a long time.

If you are leaving your house during the night, make sure that your cat has everything they need to feel comfortable and safe. Leave lights on in familiar areas of the house, and make sure that they have enough freedom to move around your home. This is because there may be moments when your cat feels afraid to be home alone. If it knows that there is a safe place where they can quickly hide, it will greatly help to reduce their anxiety.

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